Sto has become the leader of what was once FRE. Here is a message he asked me to share.

"The guild is not disbanding, it is only changing again. It is not clear what will be happening. Beat and I will be taking over the guild and the bank. The PVP guild Vicious/Shots are looking to start their own raiding team joining our guild and may be going into progression raiding. There will be other raids that you can be a part of. Raid nights and times have not been decided, let. No one is getting kicked from the guild for nothing, and all are welcome to use the guild buffs and banks (Also the guild ships when they come). Right now we still do not have a raid leader to lead raids, so join the raid chat channel to find any pug raids going on. This could change as soon as more is decided on the direction of the guild.

Vicious is the best PVP guild on the server and have great player that know how to maximize their classes. If you put in the effort, you can learn a lot from them about your class or PVP, and they will be looking for the same about PVE. They are different kind of guild but there is no reason why we can’t get along. Vicious will be bringing on new members that what to raid and know their class well. The PVP and raid so not every night is going to be raids but select times when we get people together. Most likely there will be 16 mans and 8 man raids story modes. Hard modes will come, and maybe even nightmare raids. Hard mode spots and nightmare spots will have to earn and proven that you can handle it and that you have done your homework on the fights.

As always you should always do what is best for you. If our new raid times do not match your needs or the changes don’t work for you, it is okay to leave so you can enjoy this game as best you can. We will not be as active as before unless we find someone to lead raids. Looking forward for now, there will be less raids going on than when Smiley or Niccii was in charge. If you remain and have concerns, message them to Beat and me so we can see what we can do to help. We will not be able to accommodate everyone"